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4 reasons why you choose shuttle shelving

Issuing time:2018-11-09 15:44

The system is a high-density storage system composed of shelves, trolleys and forklifts. This high-efficiency storage mode is to improve the utilization rate of warehouse space and bring new storage options to customers!More and more customers choose shuttle car shelves, then shuttle type shelves what advantages?

1. Increase the quantity of goods.The number of cargo space of the general through-type shelf is about 7, only when the two-way delivery can design more cargo space, but generally can only design 14 cargo space, shuttle rack each track can achieve 35 cargo depth, greatly increasing the number of cargo space.

2. Improved space utilization.The utilization rate of common heavy-duty shelf space is 30%~35%, the utilization rate of drive-in shelf space is 60%~70%, and the utilization rate of shuttle shelf space can reach 80%.The reason is that the shuttle rack track is designed side by side, which can be made into many rows and can achieve more depth of cargo space. Compared with other shelves, it reduces forklift passage and greatly improves space utilization.

3. Convenient cargo management.Shuttle can arrange and count the pallet goods on the track according to the instructions of inventory and sorting, which greatly reduces the management cost and ensures the safety of employees. It is a new choice for pallet goods storage.

4. Higher return on investment.Although the early-stage investment cost of the shuttle rack is larger than that of the general heavy rack, in the long run, the efficiency of the shuttle rack is improved while the staff input is reduced by more than half, which saves a lot of labor costs and higher return on investment.

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